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100 % Cotton Duvet Cover Set with Extra Standard Pillow Covers | Eden

100 % Cotton Duvet Cover Set with Extra Standard Pillow Covers | Eden

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What is the point of a duvet cover?

One of the most helpful elements of bedding is a duvet cover. The comforter or duvet gets protected by it. They also offer an easy option of changing up the style of your bedding without having to buy a whole new duvet, making inexpensive and rapid design improvements possible for your bedroom. The countless design offered by duvet covers of Amsons Design allow you to effortlessly covert between several seasonal styles and fit them to your own unique aesthetic. They are available in a wide variety of colors, pattern, and fabrics. An appropriately sized duvet cover holds the duvet unmoved, keeping it from moving and guaranteeing a uniform distribution of warmth all through the night.

What is the best color for a duvet cover?

Grey is a color which serves beautifully for duvet covers because of its timeless charm and adaptability. Grey is a neutral regarding gender color which performs well in common spaces or visiting rooms. Grey looks great with a variety of colors, making it simple to refresh bedroom decor without having to replace the duvet cover. It functions as a neutral base that goes well with any type of bedroom décor, making it simple to mix and match different colors and patterns. Grey duvet covers are easily found in Amsons design Australia in a variety of sizes, ranging from single to king single duvet covers.

How many duvet cover should you have?

It's preferred to have two or three duvet covers at least for practicality and ease. When there are multiple covers, it's easy to rotate them so that one is continuously clean and ready to go while the others are being cleaned. This rotation helps with the upkeep of a clean and fresh sleeping environment. It enables you to periodically change the appearance of your bedroom décor, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and consistency. Purchasing high-quality duvet covers will help your duvet last longer by serving as a barrier against deterioration. A more formal design for special occasions and a more casual one for daily use are just two examples of how different covers can accommodate different contexts.

How often should you wash your sheet and duvet cover?

You should wash your sheets and duvet covers once a week to preserve cleanliness and sanitation. Sweat, body oils, and dead skin cells may collect over time and contribute to a variety of diseases that is why regular cleaning is important for your well-being. If you have allergies or problems with your skin, cleaning frequently is essential to avoid irritation and skin damage. It's important to maintain a regular cleaning routine. In the end, individual preferences and lifestyle factors can impact how frequently you wash your bedding.

What’s included in Duvet Cover Set?

  • 1 x Duvet cover
  • 2 x Standard Size Pillowcases (Single, King SIngle)
  • 4 x Standard Size Pillowcases (Double, Queen, King, Super King)


  • 100% Cotton

Sizes Available:

  • Single Size (140 x 210)cm
  • King Single Size (160 x 210)cm
  • Double Size (180 x 210)cm
  • Queen Size (210 x 210)cm
  • King Size (240 x 210) cm
  • Super King Size (270 x 240) cm
  • Standard Pillowcase Size (48 x 74)cm

Product Care :

These are the care instructions for the product. It is recommended to line dry the bed linen in shade, use a mild detergent, avoid fabric softeners, remove stains gently, and wash at 40 degrees with a gentle cycle. Air drying is best, but a short dryer cycle can be used on medium heat. Iron on warm, avoiding decorative panels, studs, or buttons. Do not dry clean. Ensuring the item is completely dry before storing can prevent mildew. Following these instructions can help prolong the life of the product.


Materials and Compositions

100% Cotton


Single Size (140 x 210)cm
King Single Size (160 x 210)cm
Double Size (180 x 210)cm
Queen Size (210 x 210)cm
King Size (240 x 210) cm
Super King Size (270 x 240) cm
Standard Pillowcase Size (48 x 74)cm

Colours Available:


Product Care Instruction

Product Care Instruction:
Care instructions vary based on the constructions of each fabric and product so we have compiled some basic guidelines.

How to dry ?
Please line dry all the bed linen in shade and DO NOT dry in direct sunlight.

What detergent should you use?
We recommend you wash this item separately before first use. Use a mild detergent and wait until it is fully diluted in the water before putting the item in the washing machine. Undiluted detergents can cause staining on the fabric. Read the amount recommended on the laundry liquid bottle or box to determine how much to use.

We recommend using a detergent that is free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). This is a very common ingredient in most of the detergents and is great for keeping whites white, however can also weaken and discolour certain fabric fibres. We recommend using a eucalyptus based detergent such as wool wash which you can find in your local supermarket.

Should you use fabric softener?
Fabric softener is not necessary for this item.

How do I remove stains?
We recommend cleaning stains as quickly as possible after they appear, although we understand etiquette might sometimes prevent this. Try to not strenuously scrub the stain away, but rather to gently soak, wash or blot it out, this process can be repeated until optimum results are obtained. It is easier to remove stains from natural as opposed to synthetic fabrics because the natural fibres are living and more accepting of attention. Once a stain is truly set, however, it is often difficult to remove.

When a fabric comes in contact with bleach or benzoyl peroxide it will permanently stain/discolour. If the discolouration is a green hue it is due to bleach and if it is an orange hue then it is due to peroxide exposure. As these ingredients are known to be in certain skin and acne treatments, we recommend you be aware of the potential staining and take necessary precautions to avoid permanently damaging your linen.

What water temperature is best?
Amsons recommends that this product be laundered using a warm gentle machine wash at 40 degrees. The warm water temperature setting is more effective at removing dirt and natural body oils and more importantly in removing chemical residue of the detergents from the fabric. Detergent residue will deteriorate the fabric fibres if they are not rinsed out properly.

The gentle wash cycle protects the fibres used in our product construction. With the slow cycle, the products are left in the washing machine for a longer period of time ensuring dirt and body oils are removed completely and all detergent is rinsed out of the fabric properly.

By not overloading the washing machine, avoiding excess heat, detergent and any additives, and choosing gentle cycles and thorough rinses, you will protect your item from stress and damaging surface residue.

Should you put this item in the dryer?
Air drying is best for the longevity of this item, but can sometimes leave the fabric feeling a bit stiff to the touch. If you plan to air dry, 10-12 minutes on medium heat in the dryer before you hang them out to dry helps to re-orient the fibres after washing and leave a soft finish on the surface of the fabric.

When drying in the dryer, please avoid overloading the machine. Drying items in smaller loads allows for even drying. Tumble dry for no longer than 20 minutes on the low or medium heat setting. Repeat this process for the remaining items. Remember to be cautious as to not over dry your items as this will weak their fibres and potentially cause them to deteriorate.

Remove the items from the dryer while they are still slightly damp. Spread them out neatly on the bed or hang them over a railing or shower curtain rod to finish air-drying. Gravity will do the work of eliminating nearly all wrinkles. The cool, gentle flutter of a ceiling fan is also great for the final stage of drying.

Please always ensure your item is completely dry before storing to prevent any dampness and mildew.

Can you iron this item?
If you do choose to iron your item, we recommend that you use your iron on a warm setting. Please avoid ironing directly on any decorative panels, studs or buttons.

Can you dry clean this item?
We recommend that you do not dry clean this item.

By following our recommended care instructions you will prolong the life of your purchase and be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

More Details

The contemporary and chic design of this quilt cover set is bound to grab attention and become the centerpiece of your bedroom decor. If you're seeking to revamp your bedding or introduce a distinct and modern flair to your space, the Eden Pure Cotton Quilt Cover Set is the ideal solution. Don't delay any further! Pamper yourself with unparalleled comfort and fashion by making this set yours today!

Here are the key features of the Eden Pure Cotton Quilt Cover Set:

High-quality pure cotton fabric ensures comfort and durability.
Beautiful blend of grey and brown creates a unique and stunning texture print.
Breathable fabric ensures a restful night's sleep.
Easy-care material makes it simple to clean and maintain.
Quilt cover has a convenient button closure.
Pillowcases feature an envelope closure to keep pillows securely in place.
Modern and stylish design adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom decor.
Perfect for updating your bedding or adding a unique and contemporary touch to your room.
Eden Package Details:

1 x Quilt Cover
2 x Matching Pillowcase (Single)(King Single)
4 x Matching Pillowcase (Double) (Queen) (King) (Super K

NOTE: If there is any issue with the item please let us know within 30 days of purchase as we won’t be able to full fill any concerns after this period.

Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Slightly Different From Actual Item in Terms of Colour Due to the Lighting During Photo Shoot or the Monitor’s Display.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Doorey

Awesome!!! Simply love it

Melinda Page

I don't usually gush about bedding, but this doona cover is worth the praise. It's cozy, stylish, and it's improved my sleep routine.

Lisa Gemmell

Love my doona