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Quilt covers protect our quilts, which we use daily in our lives. Therefore, quilt covers are the best option to preserve them and keep the new look of our quilts for a long time. They come in different styles and colors, and each color can go with any interior design in your room.

These quilt covers are practical because they come in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your quilts at all times. Following is the list of all the sizes.

  • King quilt covers
  • Queen quilt covers
  • Single quilt covers
  • Double quilt covers
  • King single quilt covers
  • Super king quilt covers 
  1. What size quilt cover is for a king bed? For a king bed, you can buy the king quilt cover, which is (240 x 210) cm.
  2. What size is a queen bed quilt cover? The queen quilt cover measures (210 x 210) cm, which is the best for a queen bed
  3. What size is a single quilt cover? The single quilt cover is (140 x 210 )cm and is appropriate for a single-size bed
  4. What size quilt cover fits a king single bed? King single quilt cover with (240 x 210) cm dimensions fits perfectly on the king single bed.
  5. what size is the double quilt cover? The standard dimension for a double quilt cover is (180 x 210)cm.
  6. How big is a super king cover? Super king quilt covers are made for the super king size bed with a standard dimension of (270 x 240) cm.

What is the difference between a quilt cover and a duvet cover? The only distinction between a duvet cover and a quilt cover is in the local language. Whereas "duvet cover" is more typical in the US and Canada, "quilt cover" is more frequent in Australia and the UK. Both serve as protective coverings for quilts or duvets. Their function is to provide effortless style changes and maintain the cleanliness of the inside duvet or quilt.

We bring you this exclusive and elegant collection of quilt covers in beautiful and mesmerizing colors, guaranteed to make you fall in love at first sight. These quilt covers complete the aesthetic purpose. These quilt covers can decorate your room and save you from the extra work of décor. They enhance the appeal of your room and allow you to change your bedding style whenever you want. We offer a solution to make your room luxurious with these quilt covers, all at a very affordable price. 

How often you should replace the quilt cover? you can choose quilt cover based on its quality and condition. You could use the quilt cover longer if it is still in good  condition and look new, Think of altering the quilt cover periodically to reflect a change in the seasons or design of your bedroom.

These quilt covers are low-maintenance, they can save you more time and energy as compared to others. These quilt covers are machine washable; you can easily wash them, and you can further prolong their lives by following their washing instructions. Their durability allows them to handle regulars washing without losing their shape or softness.

Is 50% cotton and 50 % polyester good quality? yes, 50% cotton and 50 % polyester are good quality because they offer comfort, durability, affordability, and easy maintenance. Due to the addition of polyester the issue of shrinking after washing is less than pure fabric.

What do cotton and polyester feel like? Cotton-polyester blends provide a feeling of comfort and softness. The softness and comfort of these quilt covers help you fall sleep quickly.