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Quilt Cover Sets

What is a quilt cover set in Australia?

In Australia, a quilt cover set typically includes a quilt cover and two matching pillowcases. The quilt covers are used for the protection of the duvet, or quilt. They also serve the purpose of décor for your bedding. The pillowcases are the covers for your pillows, so you can create a cohesive look for your bedding. 

You can buy quilt covers in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs from Amsons Design. From our online store, you can get all your favorite colors and sizes. We offer a different collection of sizes to make your online shopping easy and enjoyable. Where you can find all the sizes and colors in the same place.

What are quilt cover sizes Australia?

The following sizes are included in Amsons Design quilt cover set:

  • Single quilt cover (140 x 210) cm
  • King Single quilt cover (160 x 210) cm
  • Double bed quilt cover (180 x 210) cm
  • Queen quilt cover size (210 x 210) cm
  • King Size quilt cover (240 x 210) cm
  • Super King quilt cover (270 x 240 cm)
  • Standard Pillowcase Size (48 x 74 cm)

 Two standard pillowcases comes with single quilt cover and king single quilt cover, while four standard pillowcases comes in our quilt covers in Double, King, Queen, and Super King sizes.

What material is the best for a quilt cover?

Cotton is the best material for a natural quilt cover, as it favors the majority of the population. We know that cotton comes from nature, the addition of chemicals that go into your skin through your bedding that is made from chemicals is not the case with cotton. It also work for the people who have sensitive skin and need extensive care. Cotton is also soft and provides comfort during sleep. As compared to the other chemically composed materials, cotton does not feel harsh and rough; therefore due to these reasons, cotton is considered the best material or fabric for your bedding. 

 Can you use a quilt cover by itself?

Yes, we can use the quilt cover itself, as it works as a substitute for a heavy quilt or bedspread. It can be used with the top sheet for extra insulation. It can be used as décor for your bedding set. And it is easier to maintain and care for as compared to the heavy bedspread or quilt. 

Are quilt cover and blanket the same?

 The terms quilt covers and blankets refer to two different things. A quilt cover set, also known as a duvet cover set or doona cover set in Australia. The quilt cover is a protective layer in which we insert the quilt or duvet to protect them, while the blanket or bedspread is a heavy piece of bedding that provides warmth during the coldest nights of the season. Both of them serve different purposes: you can use them to make your complete bedding set.

Can I use a quilt without a cover?

Yes, you can utilize a quilt without a cover because quilts have been designed to be used independently. Using a quilt without a cover allows you to appreciate the quilt's design, pattern and texture directly. It is important to remember that wearing a cover can protect the blanket from the filth and accidents, potentially prolonging its life. As a consequences while not necessary, wearing  quilt cover is often recommended for maintenance and hygienic reasons.