Collection: Quilt Covers

What is a quilt cover? A quilt cover is a protective layer that fits over your quilt. It usually contains a closing, such as buttons or a zipper, to keep the quilt firmly within. We all want a quilt cover that protects our quilts and makes our room look elegant. The number one reason to buy a quilt cover is to protect your quilts. Quilt covers prolong the life of your quilt by shielding it from spills, dust, and other debris. Since they are removable and machine washable, they are easier t maintain than the quilt itself.  

These quilt covers in Australia are high quality, so don't need to worry about their durability; they are made for everyday use. From single quilt covers, king single quilt covers, and super king bed quilt covers, you do not need to buy the smaller one that does not fit or the larger one; our collection has all the sizes that one can ask for.

What size is a king size quilt cover in Australia? These are the following sizes and dimension of the available quilt covers; 

  • Single bed quilt covers (140 x 210)cm
  • King Single quilt covers (160 x 210)cm
  • Double bed quilt covers (180 x 210)cm
  • Queen bed quilt covers (210 x 210)cm
  • King-size quilt covers (240 x 210) cm
  • Super King quilt covers 270 x 240) cm

What does a quilt cover set include? A quilt cover set includes the quilt cover and with single bed quilt covers and king single quilt covers, there are two pillowcases. On the other hand, with double bed quilt covers, king-size quilt covers, and super king quilt covers, there are four pillowcases.

Among many colors, we have a white bed quilt cover, as white is the color of simplicity, and a blue quilt cover, as blue is the color of relaxation that everyone needs after their hectic days. You must explore all the other colors so that your favorite one will come at the door of your home soon. These different quilt cover sets fulfill the responsibility of looking decorative, so you don't need to buy many things in order to decorate your room.

The fabric is also important, as it affects how the cover feels to the touch. These cotton quilt covers are made to keep you warm ad comfortable. At night, we want the relaxation after our whole day, and resting comes after comfort. These quilt covers are specifically made to make your comfort a priority.

Despite these qualities, there are some other factors that make these quilt covers the first choice for everyone.

Are cotton quilt covers good? This collection of cotton quilt covers is warm, so you can relax and sleep at an accurate temperature during cold night. Quilt covers provide an easy method to change the décor of your bedroom according on the seasons, holidays, or personal preferences.

This collection is very limited, so you need to hurry in order to get your favorite appealing one to make your bedroom a place like heaven. So place your order and add your favorite color and design to the shopping cart. This is a friendly suggestion that you must explore other categories, as there are many other products here that can go with your selective quilt cover, you must hurry and buy them before it gets late.