Want to Buy a Mattress? Read this before you do!

Your life is incomplete without a comfortable mattress whether it’s time to relax after an exhausting day or want a long sleep during weekends. You might spend some extra money but never compromise on quality. As it’s a famous proverb; “The cheaper buyer gets bad meat”.

Buying a standard mattress can be tedious but before you start; you need to keep certain things in mind which can make buying easy for you. In this blog, below are the guidelines vetted by our experts

  • Selection made easy with three different options

    The most important factor to consider while choosing a mattress is the type of material. These are broadly divided into three types; innerspring, foam, and air mattresses, and can be chosen according to each individual’s needs.

  • The Innerspring one

     Traditionally, innerspring mattresses have always been the most popular. It is modelled to make shifting and sleeping positions easier. Besides, it is cool, comfortable, and bouncy. If you like the bouncy feel while you rest, a classic innerspring is an ideal deal.

  • Be cozy with foam mattress

    Layers of polyurethane or latex are assembled to make a sturdy foam mattress. It is stiffer than an innerspring mattress and better deal for light sleepers who disapprove of bouncy mattresses. Being a foam mattress, this type can trap body heat and more comfortable in the winter season.

  • How good the Air mattress is?

    It comes with an electric pump attached to inflate the mattress. An adjustable air mattress is ideal for people who like to switch up the firmness of their mattress now and then. It also allows the two halves to be inflated at the different levels of firmness, providing ideal support to each partner as per their preference.

  • Common Australian bed sizes and their dimensions

    The second most important feature you need to focus on is the size. As per the conventional standards, mattresses are available in four sizes:

Common Australian bed sizes and their dimensions


92 x 188cm

Suitable for a single person with a small space


138 x 188cm

Plenty of space for two adults but without pet.


153 x 204cm

It got more space than double where you can manage easily with a partner


183 x 203cm

With some larger width, a single adult can enjoy the space with a child or a pet

Super King Size

204 x 204cm

It is the biggest in the category that provides plenty of room for two adults with kids or pets

  • Happy Shopping with some lifehack

    If you have made these two most important decisions, it is time to know what you should keep in mind before making your mattress purchase.

  • Try the mattress

    Always test the mattress you are thinking to buy. Lie down in different positions on different parts of the mattress to fully achieve your satisfaction for its support and comfort

  • Budget and warranty

    Everyone wants to buy the best and the most luxurious item, but you must keep your budget in mind; try to get them on sale or find special discounts. Make sure to check the warranty so you don’t get duped.

  • Talk to a sleep expert

     Anyone experiencing sleeping problems should talk to an expert who can suggest what kind of material will suit you?