What Benefits Will You Get For Using Cotton Bedding?

What Benefits Will You Get For Using Cotton Bedding?

The best way to ensure that your sleep is comfortable and uninterrupted is to make your bedding or bed linens the best they can be. It includes having the right mattress, bed linen and bedding for you. Bed linen has a great impact on the sleep you have so it is necessary to treat yourself with the best bed linen. Nowadays, among the different type of bed linens, cotton is being considered as the most popular bedding choice as people are becoming more aware of the impact the cotton bedding have on their sleep.

Organic cotton – natural cotton – is cultivated by using environmentally friendly methods. Cotton is grown without pesticides and it does not contain any synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered substances.

Here are the bedtime benefits that you will reap for choosing the cotton bedding for yourself:

  • Higher Quality
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Low Maintenance

Higher Quality:

Organic cotton provides a very high-quality fabric and one of the main reasons for this is basically the method by which the crop is harvested.

The harvesting method which conventional growers use is the mixing of cotton with the seeds and oil of the plant in the harvesting machine. After that, they use harsh chemicals for removing the other parts and cleaning the cotton.

On the other hand, an organic farmer picks the cotton by hand without the using of harsh additives and as a result, this gives a cleaner product. Hot water and vegetable-based soaps are used to clean the cotton instead of harsh chemicals.

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Cotton is natural and pure material that makes the woven fabric of the bed linens breathable.

When we fall asleep, our body temperature changes and this makes us feel hot, waking up sticky and sweaty. Cotton has the quality to absorb the heat from the body throughout the entire night allowing us to feel cool and dry. As the cotton makes us feel cooler during summers, it makes us feel warmer during winters. During colder nights, cotton bed sheets absorb and retain the body heat.

The synthetic (man-made) materials absorb the body heat but don’t provide natural ventilation.


Cotton bedding is not only durable but it is also bio-degradable and it is produced with sustainable methods. It is important to consider the lifespan when choosing your bedding and natural, pure cotton can last about twice as long as any synthetic alternative, so you don’t need to replace your bedding frequently.

Buying cotton bedding not only benefits the quality of sleep but it could also save your money in the long run. We know that it may be tempting for you to go for cheaper synthetic alternatives, as high-quality cotton costs more…Fortunately; you can find a perfect combination of quality with affordability only at Amsons Design – here you can buy online cotton bed sheets manufactured with quality cotton and available in affordable prices along with GREAT DISCOUNT OFFERS.

Soft & Comfortable:

Natural bedding always feels great to the skin because the fabric has very less contact with the harsh chemicals that result in a very natural soft and comfortable experience.

The degree of softness or crispness of the bed sheets depends on the way the cotton is weaved. The weave of the cloth is used, instead of any chemical procedure, to get the desired softness and density that ultimately results in such a product that remains soft consistently even with the regular washing.

Because the cotton bedding is breathable and wicks away the moisture in the night, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed when using cotton bed sheets.

Most importantly, if you have a sensitive skin, it is necessary to take measures to avoid irritating it during the whole night. For this, you can use cotton bedding because cotton is naturally hypoallergenic that means it has a very limited link with allergies and it also won’t cause any itchiness or irritation. Cotton bedding gives a comfortable sleep and enhances the quality of sleep.

Low Maintenance:

You might have been hearing a myth that cotton bed linens take a lot of time to maintain them…It is not.

Cotton bed linens don’t require hand washing or drying or long hours of ironing. Most of the cotton bed linens can easily be washed in machine usually at 40 degrees.

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It is better to wash cotton bedding alone instead of mixing it with other fabrics. This will not only give a better wash to the bedding but also save the overloading of your machine.

There is no need to use any fancy detergents, even you can simply pop the bed linens in the tumble dryer (remember to stick with low temperatures). Take them out when they are slightly damp and then dry flat because this reduces the need to ironing.

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At Amsons Design, we recognize the value of using the natural methods that is why our products are made from pure organic cotton.

We design and manufacture 100% cotton bedding because it is the best and you truly deserve the best!

We want to provide a great quality sleep surrounded by the natural comfort that is simply good for you. So, try out some cotton bedding, we promise you that you’ll love it. We offer our range of fitted sheets and flat sheet sets with the matching pillowcases so you can buy online one of your choices. Secondly, you’ll find quality and affordability in our products that simply suits your preferences and needs.

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