Types of Lamps, Table Lamp & Floor Lamp

amYou can get easily confused with so many types and brands offered in the market. From cheap to costly and from table to floor lamp, there is a vast range in different styles and designs. Mainly, there are two main categories one is a table and the other is a floor lamp. If you are more selective and want to limit your budget then you can customize it, depending on which colour or shape will look perfect on the spot.

With unlimited decisions, the selection is not easy. Therefore in this blog, we will narrow down some options to make buying easy for you. So, let’s figure it out:

Table Lamp: From traditional to futuristic designs

It comes in smaller sizes with unlimited motifs and shapes; you can stand them on the desk, table or shelves. You may also call them purpose-oriented lamps as it can be placed on the location where required the most. It is further divided into two different styles: End or task tables. Let’s get down with their features one by one.

End table

Increase the grace of your living or guest room with these classical and crafty models. Being one of the classical, it comes in a variety of outlines like standards, tripod and buffet.

Standard is the most typical one, you can place a tall body and cylinder lampshade near your bedside. Tripod and buffet have tall stands and slender necks that will allow you to position it in any corner of the room and create a peaceful glow.

Task-Oriented table lamps

Sometimes, you don’t want to light up the whole room or want some extra light on your office table, then with a wide range of mobile and immobile lamps, you can position the light in a more specific direction to get some extra blaze.

Again, the choice is unlimited but some common options are sorted like desk, clip and swing-arm. Due to their curved shapes, you can rotate the neck towards desired angle without moving the whole lamp. Or with immobile bankers or piano: the strong arm and arched shape can project wide area with a strong spark.

Floor Lamps- A mandatory household stuff

Decoration and lighting both come with floor lamps. With plug and install ease, put them in any place or corner of your house or office. Because of their mobility, you can change its spot and tilt the light.

  • Classical one: A single base that holds a strong pool comes in a variety of models, but the cone-shaped empire is the most common in this class.
  • Arched- a modern style that glows:  The purpose of the curve to extend some light across furniture and some hard-core things in your house.
  • Task/Reading- Bright up your task:   With a single-arm, base and overhead lamp; you can place it on the floor near your chair or desk. Enjoy your reading or get your work done with extra light near you.
  •  Swing Arm- Another adjustable design:  Just like in table lamps, the flexibility comes with floor lamps as well. You can bend the neck of the light in a more specific direction and make it more purposeful.
  • Illuminate with Tripod lamps: When you talk about some style then it’s hard to ignore a sturdy three-prong base model. Add it to your décor collection and create some glamour, even at your workplace.
  • Tree- A tall standing floor lamp: If you are productive and stylish then this option is for you. This model breaks down into numerous flower branches.  Several arms have their lights or bulbs, these elegant designs can bring life to your entryway or living rooms.
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