Try Out These Useful Tips for Cleaning Cushion Covers

Try Out These Useful Tips for Cleaning Cushion Covers

Cushions provide various benefits than decorative purposes, whether you need them to hold up your cup of tea or your dinner tray or to use them as a booster seat for your child, etc. A cushion is such a useful thing that it helps us in our daily living activities. But, unfortunately, the so much use of the cushions usually subjects them to accidents, spills, stains, dirt and general wear and tear. So, it is very important to know how to clean cushions so that you can extend their life and use them for a longer time. There are different factors that should be considered while thinking of cleaning the cushions such as whether they have removable or non-removable cushion covers, which type of fabric they are made of whether they need to clean in a washing machine or do their inserts also need cleaning.

In today’s article, we give you guidelines on how to clean the removable (the cushions covers that can be removed from their insert) cushion covers. In our coming articles, we will definitely discuss cleaning tips for non-removable cushion covers.

How to clean removable cushion covers?

Most people avoid cleaning the cushion covers because they not only find it a nuisance but also they aren’t sure of how to clean them and usually they are afraid of ruining them. But, at the same time, cleaning cushion covers is significant in using them for a longer time.

The most important thing to know before cleaning the cushion covers is that you should know the type of fabric you cushion covers are made from.

Follow these methods when your cushion cover is faux fur or knitted or outdoor:

Material Wash Dry Iron
Fur Hand wash Line dry


(drying the washed item by hanging on a rope)

Do not iron
Knit/Wool Hand wash Dry flat


(air drying the washed item on a towel on a flat surface)

Do not iron
Outdoor Spot clean Line dry Do not iron

Follow these methods when your cushion cover is not faux fur or knitted or outdoor, instead, it is cotton/ linen or polyester/velvet blend:

Material Wash Dry Iron
Cotton/linen or



Gentle cold machine wash Line dry inside out


(turn washed item inside out to prevent color fading)

Cool iron inside out


 Remember, do not tumble dry (spinning in the dryer), bleach, dry clean, soak or wring (squeezing, twisting).


Steps for machine washing:

Cleaning covers of cushions in a washing machine is a very easy way. First of all, you should always check the label to ensure that you can wash a particular cushion. The first step is to drop the covers into the washing machine, then select cold and gentle wash, and add a mild detergent and then press go.

Steps for hand washing:

Hand washing is an effective method of cleaning the cushion covers especially when they have delicate, decorative or embellished patterns or materials. When the cushions are of different colors, make sure to wash one color at a time.

  1. The first step of hand washing is to fill the basin or laundry tub with lukewarm water.
  2. Add a mild detergent and mix it in water.
  3. Then, add the cover and immerse it in the water. Gently rub it with your hands especially the stained areas for few minutes.
  4. Then, empty the basin or tub and again refill with clean water.
  5. Rinse it thoroughly and squeeze it so that water can be released, but don’t wring it out as this can change the shape of the cover. Repeat this step until you are sure that all detergent is removed.

Steps for spot cleaning:

Spot cleaning is the right option when you have outdoor cushion covers or when you need to clean stained covers. Before starting the cleaning, you’ll need a damp sponge and dry cloth.

  1. When the spill just occurs, quickly take your vacuum cleaner to suck any stain that isn’t firmly lodged.
  2. Then, use the iron in the steam mode to steam the stain. This makes the particles to lose.
  3. Use a damp sponge with some water and mild detergent or soap and blot the stain. Don’t rub it, only dab it so that particles can be dislodged.
  4. Then, use dry cloth or paper towel to press the stain so that stained particles can be removed.
  5. Repeat the steps if necessary.

If the stain isn’t removed with water and mild detergent or soap, use some other heavy-duty stain remover option. The use of mild or heavy detergent depends on the substance that has been spilled.

Drying the cushion covers:

Most of the cushion covers can line dried, which means hang the washed covers on a rope or cord outside or inside to dry (hang along the line for drying). The best way is to turn the cover inside out and then line dried so that colors fading can be avoided in the sun.

If your cushion cover is kitted or wool that can be stretched easily, the best way of drying is “dry flat”. Arrange the washed cover on a flat surface, with a towel underneath it, and let it air dry. Although it is not a quick way you can keep the shape of your cushion cover. This method of drying eliminates the shrinkage and prevents the woolens from felting.

Ironing the cushion covers:

Before you iron, the cushion covers after a wash, make sure you check the type of fabric/material because there are some types of fabrics that shouldn’t be ironed. Silk, wool, outdoor materials like olefin shouldn’t be ironed because this can ruin these materials easily.

Other fabrics like cotton/linen or polyester can be cool ironed but it is recommended to iron them inside out because if they have any print or decoration or embellishment on them, iron shouldn’t be placed directly.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to clean your cushion covers, but if in case you’re not succeeded in cleaning the covers or you aren’t satisfied with the results of washing/drying, there’s still a way. Make sure to keep hold of the insert of your cushion and simply replace the cover with the new one. Fortunately, you are in the right place to find some new and best cushion covers online! Whether you’re looking for printed, delicate decorative, embellished or striped cushion covers, you can buy new ones online at Amsons Design – homeware store in Australia offering the best range of cushion covers at affordable prices.

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